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Are you a teacher who struggles incorporating technology in your classroom?

Are you a parent or student who would like to make homework and learning easier?

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Technology for Educators

More and more teachers are required to include technology in their lessons. But what teacher has time to keep up with all the changes?

Andrea with Learn 2 Day is here to help. Andrea’s passion is technology and her focus is on education technology.

Find new ways to save time, increase learning outcomes, and make class fun!

Technology for Students

Technology is more than a cell phone. Many students today are experts at using technology for entertainment but are sometimes unsure of  how to harness the power of technology to  strategize their workflow process.

In today’s workplace it is essential to understand how to use technology to increase productivity, communication, and problem solving.

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Working for education equality and technology literacy for all.



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A Word
From Andrea Rose
” Many educators are wonderful subject matter experts; however, I find that too often administrators expect teachers to incorporate technology into their lesson plans without any technology training. Since technology is always evolving, teachers and students need extra support so they can effortly incorporate technology into their classrooms. “

– Andrea Rose


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English Language Learners

Would you like to learn strategies to help your ELL students? Tune in and learn some best practices.

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Accessibility Strategies

Tune in to check out what’s new in accessibility technology.

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Tech Ideas for all

Live Closed Captions and Translations

ave you ever found something that you are just so excited about that you can't stop showing people. This is how I feel about Microsoft's real-time translation/subtitles. There are so many potential uses that I keep calling people (who probably...





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